Large goat cart

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A large, traditional, wooden goat cart with pull handle, original chains on top braces and iron-rimmed wheels. 

This cart, with its original, eye-catching green paint and evidence of many years of use, is an extraordinary rustic item. It’s unusual to find one of these in such good working order, especially with the original braking system intact.

The smaller front wheels look as if they’ve been replaced at some point, but the only obvious more recent repair is a new split pin in the pull handle.

The cart can be dismantled by removing the side panels, creating a more open, ‘flat bed’ cart.

A rare decorative item for a garden or florist business.

Length without handle - 216 cm
Length with handle – 296 cm
Width – 100 cm
Height to top of braces – 108 cm
Height to top of cart – 85 cm
Internal width at top of cart – 67 cm
Internal length at top of cart – 167 cm
Internal height – 40 cm

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