Very old French farm ladder

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This very old French farm ladder is an extremely rustic piece with extraordinary curves - it's bowed outwards and also sideways. Some of the rungs are pegged in the old tradition, and it's well-weathered, with the result that it almost looks like a piece of driftwood. It would look great to display textiles, or, as it's very tall, it could be cut down into two shorter lengths, and waxed, to provide a couple of characterful, wall-leaning towel rails. There are signs of historical woodworm - long gone, but all of our timber items are treated for woodworm as a matter of course.

Please note: This ladder is intended for decorative purposes only - it will not bear any substantial weight, and is certainly no longer fit for purpose due to its age.

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308 cm long x 46 cm wide x 9 cm deep