19th century French Comtoise long-case clock (working)

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This tall, imposing Comtoise clock is in working order, with its original winding key. It strikes the hours on a bell, and repeats the hour strike about 2 minutes later. It also has a working calendar feature.

The movement is driven by two heavy weights with the traditional Comtoise red cords. 

The clock face has a repousse surround, and the clock-maker, 'Flanchet', and place of origin, 'a Reuilly' (near Bourges in central France), are inscribed on the face.

The long, heavy brass pendulum is the most impressive feature of this clock, visible through the glass door to the front of the case.

The original foliage decoration on the pot-bellied or ‘violin’ oak case is still visible, but faint, due to age-related wear and tear.

Comtoise clocks - also referred to as Morbier clocks - were a style of long-case clock originally made in the region of Franche-Comté, and which subsequently became very popular throughout rural France between about 1700 and 1900.



height:  227 cm

width:  49 cm

depth:  24 cm


Please note:

1.    There is a small break and a piece of glass missing at the top of the glass door to the pendulum (see last image)
2.    Due to the proportions of this piece (very tall + narrow depth), it is recommended that it is secured to the wall to ensure that it doesn’t tip forwards
3.    The clock case needs to be level for the movement to function

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