Mid-century multi level coffee table

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An extraordinary centrepiece of a coffee table with adjustable metal base supporting four tray tables at different levels. The trays are finished in a high gloss, coloured lacquer on the inside, and a matt gold on the outside. The unlikely combination of colours - tomato red, a brownish mauve, pink and turquoise - is one you wouldn't expect to work, but somehow it just does. It's easily dismantled, as the tray table tops unscrew from the base, and then the metal base folds flat.


As shown in images: 95 cm long x 78 cm wide. But the width and length are variable, as this can be configured in different combinations, and the base can be extended outwards, to make it more square, or vice versa retracted inwards, to make the overall width narrower.

Height to lowest tray table: 39 cm
Height to highest tray table: 54 cm

Tray table diameters: 51 cm/41 cm/36 cm/31 cm

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